About me: My name is Rachel.  I’m a 29 year old Canadian from Peterborough, Ontario, currently living in Ottawa after nine months of travelling Southeast Asia and Europe.  I graduated from Brock University in 2007 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Tourism Studies with a concentration in Planning and Development and a minor in Human Geography.  When I graduated, instead of getting a big-girl job, I moved to London, England and lived the expat life for the next six years.  In addition to living in the UK, I have also lived and taught ESL in Hong Kong and South Korea.  To date I have traveled to thirty-three countries, 16 of which were new additions to the list in 2013.  I’m currently working for a TESOL college, helping aspiring ESL teachers to find jobs abroad, and of course I continue to daydream about travel on a daily basis.

About my site:  I obviously love to travel, but I also love to get others excited about travel.  Since I started traveling, I have been lucky enough to meet amazing friends from so many different countries.  I think every young person with the means to do so should travel or try living in another country.  With this blog, I want to document my own travel experiences, but I also want to provide useful information for my friends that want to travel or move abroad.  I hope to be able to interview my expat friends, and document their favourite things about the cities that are their homes away from home, as well as speak to my fellow travellers to give you information on their latest destinations. Everyone interviewed for this blog is someone that I have met in person, consider my friend and therefore trust their opinions.


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